Monday, October 29, 2012

Save the Date: Our Reveal!

It's time! I've finally gotten notice from our guests in sunny California that they have received their Save the Dates, so I can officially share them with the Hive!

Now, before I share, I have to caution those of you who, like me, are excited to place your order and therefore, may not be thinking logically. When I revealed the two STD designs that we didn't use, I said that we got a great deal for the 200 cards we ordered. 200 cards... If you're smarter than me, which I'm sure most of you are, you're probably already connecting the dots but, in case you didn't figure it out (like me) - we did not need 200 cards. 200 is our guest list total. There are households with as many as eight guests in them.

Yes, Hive, I ordered a card for every. single. person. Sigh. Thankfully, since we did get a great deal, it isn't as big of a deal as it may have been if I did this with invitations but needless to say - I have learned my lesson, and I now have a list of guests invited by household.

Moving on: the reveal!

Personal photo - the front side / Design work by our photographer, Valerie Carnevale

Personal photo - the back side / Featuring a custom stamp from AngeliqueInk on Etsy

While we had three beautiful choices from Valerie, both Mr. O and I instantly liked this option the best. We nixed the first option because, as much as we love our Wolverines (go blue!), the color scheme didn't really fit with the wedding. That put us down to two, and we just loved the simplicity of this option. It incorporated our love of typography without being too over the top, and it used one of our absolute favorite photos from our e-pics. 

On the back side, we made the four line design so I could hand address our STDs (which took much less time than I anticipated!). We also took the opportunity to use our custom stamp, which I loved! It not only saved me a ton of time in writing our address over and over, but I think it gave the perfect touch to offset the horrible stamps. ;) 

So, what do you think of our final choice!? 

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