Monday, October 29, 2012

Save the Date: The Stamps

Hive, I never thought I would be that bride. That bride that cared about stamps. Especially the STD stamps! I just assumed that when people received our STD, they would note the date in their planner/phone/etc. and then toss the STD.

But then, there I was, standing at the post office to purchase postage and suddenly... everything seemed to be in slow motion. I watched as the employee pulled open the big binder of stamps. I watched her flip, flip, flip through the pages and start to pull out several pages. What did I see, you may be wondering? I saw these:

Personal photo, unfortunately.

I saw ALOHA stamps staring back at me. And a variety of Hawaiian shirts. Now, if I were having a destination wedding? Sure, toss the ALOHA at me. But for our rustic, romantic, light and neutral colored wedding? No. These simply did not fit the bill. 

Slowly (and sadly) the post office employee flipped over our postcard and noticed that it was a save the date. She looked at me apologetically and said "this is all we have left." With a heave and a giant sigh, I asked for the proper amount, paid, and pathetically exited the post office.

I know, I know - they're just stamps! Nobody will notice! But I noticed, and they drove me crazy right up until I sent them. And now that I recognize that I do care about the stamps, I have to also consider what stamps we're going to be using on our actual invitations... 

Mrs. Genie cared about stamps. Miss Beanstalk cared about the stamps. So at least I'm in good company! Tell the truth: did you care about your stamps?

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