Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm in a long distance relationship...

...with my MOH Cubbie!

You see, Cubbie and I went to the same college. Then school ended, and unfortunately Cubbie's job took her back home to Florida. Obviously, this is not ideal. And no, not because of wedding planning; simply because I want my best friend back so we can bum around and watch HGTV!

But on the wedding front: I just have to say that even in our LDR, Cubbie has been everything I could have ever dreamed of in a MOH! Not only does she help with anything I ask of her, but she has even been gracious enough plan my bachelorette party long distance AND book a ticket to be in attendance! (Something I was definitely NOT expecting of her!)

Personal photo / MOH Cubbie is also known as my twin. We are exactly the same, hence why poor Mr. Otter sometimes feels overwhelmed when we are together. ;)

Now you may be wondering, while Cubbie is obviously great, why am I talking about her today? Well,  I talked about my failed DIY, and then about my plans to (potentially) DIY my table numbers, but I never really specified how I was going to go from slow mo to fashion glow* or from fail to something wedding-worthy. Well today I'm sharing my secret DIY/decision-making weapon - Cubbie!

MOH Cubbie is by far the craftiest person that I have ever met. She also is... how do I phrase this... an ambitious crafter, if you will. One craft day in particular comes to mind in which she used a very, very dull saw in order to make a jewelry hanger. That same day, when I was trying to craft a glitter chevron pattern onto a letter, she told me I was doing it all wrong and completely took over. (And trust me: I did NOT mind this takeover - my "pattern" was not going to be right, at all.) 

Personal photo / The very questionable rusty saw... Also, take note of the two round wooden squares just sitting there waiting on paint

Personal photo courtesy of Cubbie / The finished product! I was very perplexed as to how she planned to hang necklaces on it, right up until she started screwing the hooks in.

So clearly, Cubbie is my secret weapon for a reason. She is crafty, and I am not. She will work on her projects until they are close to perfect, while I'm more likely to abandon them. And since she has enthusiastically expressed (that's code for demanded!) that I am not to do anything with glitter without her help, I plan to stockpile my crafting supplies until February, when she is back in town. 

Hive, if you're... less than crafty, like myself, do you have a more crafty friend to help out with DIY projects?

* Anybody recognize this quote!? It's another favorite of Mr. Otter's and mine.

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