Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So when I talked about our colors, a lot of you were wondering how I would incorporate the gold glitter into our otherwise soft-colored color palate.

Well, at first, I didn't know! I just really love glitter, so I wanted to incorporate it in some way. Then, I started looking specifically for weddings that had the same color scheme and I happened to come across a couple gems, which gave me a better feel for how we could incorporate glitter without getting it all over our guests (a point that Mr. Otter made early on, because he isn't a huge glitter fan like me!).

The first idea (and probably my favorite, thus far) was to incorporate it in some of our detail shots. I love this shot that clearly features the flowers, but uses gold glitter fabric as the backdrop. And - points for no glitter on guests!

Image via Bows and Arrows / Photo by N Barrett Photography

The second idea I found was from the same wedding - incorporating the glitter into the signage! While I haven't quite determined what kind of signage we're going to need, I do know that we're going to be featuring photos of those who have passed and can't be with us, so perhaps a gold glitter heart could accent the photos on that table.

Image via Bows and Arrows / Photo by N Barrett Photography

My last idea would be a bit of a DIY project. Have you ever heard of the "mermaid manicure"? Take the concept of the mermaid manicure accent nail (a little glitter on the end of the nail, just a small sprinkle) and apply it to these beautiful gold table numbers! This way - I incorporate the gold in a very subtle way that also won't get all over our guests.

Image courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere / See the little sparkle of glitter?

Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz / So now with these gold table numbers, add a tiny dash of gold glitter on the bottom - that's my vision!

What do you think? Out of these options, which way would be the best to incorporate the gold glitter without going overboard?

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