Monday, August 27, 2012

YUM - tasting day!

Snaps for us - we finally chose a caterer! The winner is A Cut Above Catering. They've worked at our venue quite a bit and were by far and away the nicest people that we spoke with about catering. When I tried their food at the Night At The Barn event our venue hosted, I was pretty sold on them, but we continued to look around to be fair and make sure that budget-wise, we were making the best choice.

Finally, after way too long, we have officially booked A Cut Above and I couldn't be happier about it! We recently attended our tasting and can I just say - wow! If you are getting married in the Central Indy area, then you need to get in touch with A Cut Above.

Now on to the food!

First up were the sliders and rosemary potatoes. There were three different kind of sliders; two were beef sliders and one was a pork slider. Even before the tasting, we decided these would probably be the most popular options - we had also considered chicken or greek burgers - however knowing ourselves (and our families) we decided to go with the pork slider and the beef slider. The beef slider will also come with three different gourmet sauce choices. We got to taste the sundried tomato pesto sauce and a sweet mango mustard and wow - again, I was blown away! The sundried tomato pesto sauce was by far both of our favorites... in fact, I actually asked if there was a container full in back that we could take home! (And I don't like pesto, so again, I was surprised in the best way possible!)

While we were tasting the burgers, we also tried the rosemary potatoes. Now, I have to admit, I didn't expect to enjoy the potatoes. I typically only enjoy potatoes in the form of chips and french fries, haha. These however? We finished off almost the entire cone while we were eating the burgers, then ate them cold with our second dish. So. Good.

Next up was a sample of the taco bar ingredients. They're the same except for the salsas - on the left is a regular salsa, and on the right is a mango salsa. Since I don't like mango anything (or trying new things) I let Philip have at that one while I devoured the regular one. SO delicious! And again, exceeded my expectations.

Throughout the tasting, we also discussed a lot of the details such as where we want things, if they're going to be cutting the cake, and if we want to be served or not. Most of those conversation points I was expecting, but the service question I wasn't. They said that even though we would get to eat first, they typically serve the couple. They did make a good point though in that you get to create your own burgers and taco bowls - so maybe we'd rather serve ourselves. I was already thinking that so we jumped right on that bandwagon.

And last but not least - a decision regarding the cake! We're having cupcakes (more coming on that soon) and a top layer but I immediately deemed that layer "for us only" - meaning that we'll cut and eat our piece, and the rest will be packed up for us to take with us. Also, we wanted to make sure that people feel free to grab a cupcake when they get their meals - so we're going to cut the cake as soon as we enter, and let Brett (our fabulous DJ) let everyone know that they can go ahead and grab themselves a cupcake, too!

Now be honest: are you hungry after reading this?

*All (delicious) photos are personal!

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