Friday, August 3, 2012

- a big thing: done!

So, if you'll recall, I recognized that when I was talking about the catering, I kind of forgot that the officiant was another big thing that I needed to book. Once we have the catering and the officiant, it will be all details and DIYs from there.

And with that: we have an officiant!

Isn't that awesome? Yes, yes it is. Let me tell you allllllll about it.

I first found our officiant via WeddingWire. When I went there searching for officiants, I found Marry Me in Indy. They have nothing but great reviews, their website was extremely well done in terms of content (and yes, I realize that judging people on their social media/website may not be fair but seeing as that's my work - it's what I do. I can't help it!) and when I emailed Victoria, she got back to me that same day.

I enthusiastically set up a meeting with her for a night that Philip had off work, and off we went.

....And then we sat in a parking lot for a while because we were supposed to arrive at her home at 7pm and we were definitely looking at arriving at 6:15. I'm all about being early, but not THAT early. So I emailed Victoria, got her go ahead to come early, and we were back on the road.

We had a great meeting with Victoria - she asked every question that I wanted to hear from her (do we have crazy people she'll need to look out for, will there be babies crying and if so how do we want her to handle that, oh and another good one - any divorced parent situations happening that she should be aware of) plus gave us a ton of information about herself and how we would proceed after we paid the deposit to save our date.

I would say that we slept on it, but that didn't really happen. As soon as we got in the car we started discussing it and pretty much decided before we were out of her neighborhood that we would be booking her. I sent the check out the next morning!

The details as they stand: we will be having a non-religious ceremony, with the traditional exchange of vows where we repeat after her. We may end up tossing in something funny, but thankfully we have plentyyy of time to think about that. We'll also be having a moment of silence for all the people who can't be there with us (yes, I'm going to cry - I accept that). And my favorite part: all of this is going to be written in a Google Doc where we can exchange ideas and change things that we don't like!

If you're looking for someone to officiate you're wedding close to the Indy area, I would highly recommend you checking out Marry Me in Indy.

For those of you who have already chosen your officiant - what made you decide they were the right fit for you?

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