Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A running (not-so-funny) joke...

Once upon a time, in a land not-so-far away*, there was a running joke that the men of the wedding party would be heading to Vegas, the day before the wedding, and they would return the day of. In the process, they would lose one member of their crew (amongst other hijinks), but ultimately make it back looking like hot messes for the wedding. 

That's right - they basically planned to live out the plot of the Hangover. Now... I wasn't against the whole Vegas trip in theory. The problem was two fold: one, how can Mr. Otter get that much vacation (he can't!) and two: we are helping pay for this wedding, so spending that much money on a trip was  probably not the best idea. But okay, whatever, I went along with it (mostly). 

Then one day, the groom made a grave error.

At a family cookout, he and Best Man Batman announced their plan to the entirety of my family along with his dad. And they all freaked out. Suddenly the long running Hangover plan was no longer a joke, but rather a "when are we going to plan this?" Against my objections, they started to make theoretical plans, even with Mr. Otter saying he didn't have the vacation time.

Amongst other declarations:
* It was determined that GM Goat would be the one to get lost. So instead of the groom being lost, GM Goat will be the lost person.
* We (and by we, I think I mean I) declared that GM Lil Dude would be the one to get married to a hooker. I mean... it just seems like something Lil Dude (a sophomore in college) would do.
* There would be a day-of rush back. Including the scene where they receive tuxes via the freeway. (SIGH)


Hangover cast image via Hiblarious / edit by me

Best Man Batman would totally be Alan. Why? Well, to put it simply - I can just totally picture BMB walking around with a baby on his chest! :) Then we have the groom who makes jackass jokes. Yep, that's my fiancé (along with all of his friends... but we love them for it!). And then finally GM Lil Dude who, like I already said, would totally marry a hooker. Goat and the rest of the gang aren't pictured since (a) Goat would be lost and (b) there aren't enough characters in the movie to compare the entire gang to.

My warning to you? If you see the following idiots in Vegas, watch out.
Personal image / Not pictured: FFIL, GM Goat, BM Batman, and a few of Mr. Otter's newer friends. Pictured but not attending: short guy C and baby E, of course.

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