Monday, March 11, 2013

The Getaway

Hive, for those of you lucky enough to never have encountered Indiana weather, let me explain - we can experience a different season every day. I mean that very literally. One day it's snowing, the next is sunny and warm (but windy). That was last week, for anyone who was wondering. ;)

The point is that we really have no idea what weather we're going to get on our wedding day. While most records show it hasn't rained in Indiana for 10+ years, I've still got a rain plan, and I've still got ideas dependent on the weather.

One idea (as I'm sure you all guessed from my not-so-clever title) is the getaway. Our venue is PERFECT (in my obviously biased opinion) for a getaway because of the nice, long path leading up to the barn doors. At the end of the path is the parking area, so assuming it's planned out right, we can just have a car waiting there to go to the hotel.

Isn't that such a great backdrop!?

If I was the only one making a getaway and had the cooperation of the weather, I would definitely want people throwing glitter at me. Upon consideration, I immediately shunned the idea despite the gorgeous photo I was able to find:

Image via Inspired by This / Photo by Jessica Claire

As beautiful as that looks, Mr. O hates glitter. He hates it being around him because it inevitably ends up getting ON him, where he can never remove it. He calls it a lot of not polite names as well, but I'll just keep those to myself. Also, I have a feeling that I would later regret having glitter all over my dress and veil. 

So since there are two of us getting married, and only one of us that likes glitter, it seemed smarter to move on to a better idea all around: the sparkler exit.

Image via Inspired by This / Photo by Amy and Stuart

Of course I realize that if the weather doesn't cooperate, our getaway will most likely be under an umbrella trying to carry my dress, which is fine, too. But if not - sparklers it is!

For those of you that did sparklers, where did you buy them? Help an Otter out!

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