Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get your Instagram on!

Hive, let's chat about something very near and dear to my heart. Social media. Or more specifically, Instagram and Twitter, as that's all I really use. Keep that in mind moving forward...

Remember how I discussed the unplugged ceremony? I even used the classic that has made its way throughout the Weddingbee world. It's that infamous photo where all you see are cameras and cell phones. Just seeing it makes me cringe:

Image via Offbeat Bride / Photo by Aurora-Photography

Let me start by referring to my previous post: to make it short, I had lots of concerns regarding people going to snap a photo and then staying on their phones. That hasn't changed. I still have all of those concerns, and maybe even more so since I've decided to ....gulp.... encourage guests take photos.

Now, I want to take a giant step backward before everyone gets all up in arms here. By "encourage," I mean there will be a designated wedding hashtag, and that I'm going to share that not only with our guests prior to the ceremony, but again at their dinner tables.

Photo by Taylor Lord / Edited by Miss Otter to just include hashtag sign :)

So yes, I've switched sides, however, here is where I want to refer to Miss Lemur's post on why she is having a plugged in ceremony. (And yes, she references my original post; bee love! :)) Her point about being the cell phone police is spot on, and especially resonated with me because, honestly, if someone is going to take a photo, I'd much rather they take a good one than take a crappy one because they're trying to hide their phone.

Like Miss Lemur, I also want the casual photos that Stacy won't have time to get because she's focused on what we're doing as the bride and groom. Our guests will capture things that we may not see, or they may get a photo of us doing something especially ridiculous, and I want to see it all!

And... in case you haven't already learned as much, I'm very impatient. This whole less-than-50-days thing? It's killing me! Talk about being so close yet so far at the same time. But I know myself, and I'm fully aware that we got such an amazing photographer that she's going to be super busy throughout wedding season and definitely doesn't need me emailing her all the time while waiting on our photos. ;)

Last but not least? Mrs. Mink said she totally regretted her unplugged ceremony and while I'm still waiting to read that post, I have a feeling I may end up regretting mine as well when I don't have any photos to look at!

So if you chose to have a "plugged in" ceremony, what was the outcome? Did you see lots of cell phones in your photos?

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