Friday, July 27, 2012

Uh... so... *hangs head in shame*

I distinctly remember talking about catering. How it was the last "big thing" to do for the wedding. The last big decision, big vendor, the last big thing to figure out.

...............well, here I am Hive, head hung in shame, because uh... I forgot a kind of big thing. You know, um... that person that actually marries us? Yep, forgot about that.

Image via She Finds / Featured in an article about choosing a wedding officiant... tips that I clearly need, *uh hum*

You see, I totally had our officiant picked out LONGGGG before we were engaged. It was one of the vendors I worked with during my internship - he was hysterical, prompt, fun to be around/work with, and spent a lot of time working with the couple on their vows. Another bonus: he only included the religious elements that the couple asked him to include.

Now, I'm not speaking for Mr. Otter here, but I'm not a believer in God. This wedding is absolutely about the two of us, but when it comes to the vows, it was a simple decision. There wouldn't be any religious talk happening, because it's not something I believe in. Knowing that this vendor understood that, and would still be hilarious to work with made it an easy choice.

But alas... like most ministers (oops, forgot to mention that, right?) he can only perform ceremonies for the members of his church. Okay, understandable... except that I won't attend church. My interest level also drops considerably when you add in the fact that the church I'm speaking of is now an hour and a half away. So, with that, he was off my list.

Leaving my list at exactly zero possibilities. 

Help a girl out - I don't have any friends I'd want to marry us (except possibly one, and that person is already in the wedding party) sooo... what do I do now?

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