Monday, July 16, 2012


Hi Hive. Today I am here to admit a guilty pleasure. Well... not so guilty, because now that I'm actually engaged, I feel totally comfortable with watching a million wedding shows each day. ;) My favorite show to marathon? You guessed it -

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My obsession with this show is actually a little disgusting. Waiting on new episodes each week is TORTURE. For those who don't obsessively watch this show like I do, here's a need to know fact - they show half of the featured bride's story each week - so they start a new bride's story, then they show the ending of the bride's story from the previous episode. So to see the featured bride's story, you have to watch the show for two weeks in a row. THUS DRIVING ME TO THE BRINK OF CRAZY BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS RIGHT NOW NOW NOW!

Okay..... I've calmed down... I'm moving on. I want to share some of my favorite lines, because really - they're priceless gems.

You're kidding right? In her VOWS she said that he was a one night stand and proceeded to LAUGH about it. Crazy, crazy woman. After that, they go to the reception and the husband dumps her. Not kidding. His family was elated - and understandably so, based on the way she behaved during filming.

This episode was especially insane - first, the bride demands that one of her bridesmaids pays for the cake. Then, after making her demands to the baker about how the cake should look and finding out it would be around $600, she flips out when her bridesmaid plans to pay with food stamps. Hey crazy lady - it's your wedding. If your BM is paying for your cake, let her pay how she wants to pay! (Or pay for your own cake, you know... whatever!)

Oh, another great one - this bride demanded that her BMs sign a contract to be in the wedding. Not kidding. In fact, when a few of her BMs came in from out of town and refused to sign the contract, she kicked them out of the wedding. But oh, no worries, because eventually she gave in and allowed everyone to be part of the wedding.

* All images are personal screenshots with information removed for the privacy of other Twitter users!


Okay, so there's my not-so-guilty pleasure. I have admitted it. Do you watch it too? Because if so, I'd LOVE to hear your favorite lines. ;)

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