Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's talk about favors

Or, the lack thereof... ? <--- That question mark is there for a reason.

I think by now, everybody knows I've interned at a wedding venue. I'm probably going to stop saying that pretty soon because if I'm tired of typing it, then you guys MUST be tired of seeing it. ;) Anyway, working at a wedding venue meant being there first thing in the morning and staying until the wee hours of the next morning cleaning up.

More often than not, part of that clean up was picking up all the favors that got left behind. Sometimes that was a good thing because, let's face it, I wasn't going to complain about going home with 20 chocolate bars or boxes of candy.

Remember this image? It was originally shared by Mrs. Strawberry! / Image via Etsy seller Miss Pickles Press

So after seeing so many favors get left behind, it made me really think hard about getting favors for our wedding. It especially made me think about the cost involved and where we could better allocate those funds... After all that thinking, we still haven't come to a decision.

I love the gesture of giving favors, I really do... but I also understand that a lot of people aren't going to pick up the favors, no matter what they are or where I put them. And those who do pick them up will probably throw them away at some point. I'm just really torn on whether or not to do favors. If we do decide to go with favors, they're definitely going to be koozies. 

Image (and koozies!) by Custom Ink

Seriously. Are these not the cutest thing you've ever seen? (If you don't think so, just keep quiet so I can continue to think I have great taste, haha.) Really though - I love these koozies. The question is, though, should we splurge on them as favors? Or just get them for those who attend the rehearsal dinner?

Obviously I need opinions... if you were in my shoes, what would you do?


  1. Those koozies are hilarious.

    We're getting married 10/5/13, and I've put a teeny bit of thought into the favors as well. I'm 90% sure I'm skipping it. Like you said, people sit down, look at them, think "aw that's cute" and then forget them or throw them away, depending on what they are. We were just at a wedding a few weeks ago that gave away teeny tiny containers of jam. adorable, except, we don't keep bread in the house on the regular (aside from sandwich buns) and they're still sitting on the counter.

    Maybe I'm a bitch bride, but my theory is this: free meal, free bar, free night of dancing (sure, they got us a gift, but we probs spend more per person than most spend on us) is good enough. If you're REALLY upset you didnt' get some kitchy shit with our name and wedding date on it, I'll walk you to the dollar store and write our names on something in magic marker. Because like you said, even IF you can find something that's just $1 per person, for our wedding? that'd still be a couple HUNDRED dollars. How about another keg instead, folks!?

    sorry for the ranty post, I lurve wedding blogs :)

  2. and actually, because I'm kinda snarky, I'm tempted to leave a little card on each table that says, "our gift to you is an open bar. Enjoy."

    too far? bahahaha

    1. Beyond obsessed with your comments - and our email conversation! This comment gets a hall of fame award though ;)